Zaycon Spring Savings Events in the lower 48–look for your area


Check out some of my previous posts for chicken recipes to make ahead and freeze. We have loved the marinades either cut up and sauteed, grilled or broiled, and in stir fries. I love to pull something out of the freezer ready to go on a busy day!

We are excited to bring you several of our signature savings events (fresh chicken breasts, lean ground beef, premium bacon, alaskan cod fillets and sockeye salmon) in many of our locations this spring.

FRESH Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts


• Coming to Washington and Idaho

• Our Trademark Event

• 100 % natural chicken with no added hormones, additives or artificial ingredients

• Comes directly from the processor and has never been frozen

• Sold by the case — 40 lbs in each case

• Case dimensions—18 in wide x 12 in deep x 7 in tall

[NOTE:  Our chicken is delivered in its original wholesale packaging, a water resistant cardboard case containing three or four plastic bags of fresh chicken breasts. The smaller bags are typically sealed in a larger plastic bag. The smaller bags are not uniform in weight. There will be small amounts of naturally occuring liquids (i.e.,”chicken juice”) in each bag and case. Chicken breasts typically come in double-lobed pairs (“butterfly”) and will have small attached amounts of fat.]

 FRESH 93/7 Super* Lean Ground Beef


images courtesy of National Beef

• LFTB Free

• Comes in a 40-lb case with four 10-lb chubs per case (approximate weight–see note below)

• No chemicals, additives or water added to meat during processing

• Processed at a USDA-inspected, state-of-the-art plant employing strict operating protocols (including HACCP) and the highest in food-safety standards

• Prior to processing, inspectors from the USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service randomly sample cattle under a monitoring plan and perform testing for antibiotic residues

* USDA nutrition labeling standards defines “extra lean” and “lean” ground beef based on the lean/fat ratio. While not part of these guidelines, the term “super lean” is often used in the grocery sector to describe ground beef at the upper end of the “lean” category (i.e., “Zaycon Foods 93/7 Super Lean Ground Beef”). This ground beef product is 93% lean and 7% fat

[NOTE:  This product is an approximate weight. Some cases will weigh slightly less than 40 lbs. Customers receiving cases less than 40 lbs will receive an exact credit representing this difference in their ZF account.]


FRESH Premium Hickory Smoked Bacon


• High quality, medium-cut hickory smoked sliced bacon (14-18 slices per pound)

• Order includes two 15-lb cases with two 7.5-lb packages per case (Total order size is 30-lbs)

• Premium, high-quality and consistent, this hickory-smoked bacon has a wonderful flavor and represents a great value for families

• Easy to share with a friend if you do not think you can use the entire case


Wild Alaskan True COD Fillets (select regions only due to limited qty)


• Delicious True COD fillets — the closest thing to a same-day catch as possible

• Caught in the icy cold waters of Alaska and flash frozen

• Each fillet is IQF (individually quick frozen) and packaged in a single 20-lb bag inside the case

• Sold by the case — 20 lbs in each case

• Case dimensions—19 in wide x 13 in deep x 8 in tall

Wild Alaskan-Caught Sockeye SALMON Fillets (select regions only due to limited qty)

• Wild Alaskan-caught Sockeye Salmon Fillets

• Caught in the icy cold waters of Alaska and flash frozen

• Each fillet is approximately 2lbs and individually vacuum sealed and quick frozen, ready for the freezer

• Sold by the case — 20 lbs in each case

• Case dimensions—19 in wide x 13 in deep x 8 in tall

Pure Raw Clover HONEY

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Zaycon Foods

I got the following email from a friend and realized I hadn’t ever posted about this company. I got a case of chicken at the beginning of the summer and spent a day making multiple marinades, placed them into zip-lock freezer bags, and froze them. They have been wonderful to pull out this summer when I couldn’t think of what to make or didn’t feel like cooking. That happens often during the summer for me.

They currently deliver to Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Arizona, and Texas

Yummy peaches!

Yummy peaches!

See below to see how it works.

They also have various fruits. I just got two cases of peaches and they are very good.

I got an email from Zaycon today and got to thinking that you might be interested in what they do.  It’s a great concept.
When they send me an email about some fresh meat, I look at the date they’re coming to Boise and meet them at the location they refer me to.  I don’t even have to get out of the car when I pick it up!
Zaycon Foods is a privately owned company based out of Washington that brings fresh meat and other things to people wholesale.  They bring it directly from the farm and they only sell by the case.  I’ve ordered chicken from them to can, actually, and it’s some of the best I’ve ever purchased and the least expensive.  My friend froze a bunch of it in meals to save time each day.  Just in case you want to look into it, you can go there with this link:
If you get on their email list, they will send you up-dates to let you know what’s available and when they are bringing something new into the area. Bacon is the current item.