ZayCon Foods–Salmon, Cod & Chicken Tenders

Wild cold-water caught Alaskan sockeye salmon and true cod, fresh-caught, flash-frozen.

Salmon is $7.99/lb   25 pound case

Cod is $4.99/lb   20 pound case

Chicken Tenders $1.99/lb Homestyle (more breading) and Original   20 pound case

Check out the link for more information, delivery dates and locations.

Ordering deadline is Monday the 19th or until sold out.


3 All-Natural Cleaning Recipes

Missy at How Does She made this a lot prettier than I would do. So check out her pictures and my recipes here. I no longer use the toilet bomb, even though it was rather fun, because it didn’t seem to be as effective as I would have liked. I have updated cleaning recipes in my book, Essential Oil Basics: The Complete Pocket Guide to Safe & Effective Essential Oil Use. You can also find my book as a single or in money-saving 10-packs on my website, Learn Essential Oils.