Update on Honey – ZayCon vs. Reisinger

I just talked to Janice Reisinger this morning. Their prices haven’t changed.

There are 12 lbs of honey in a gallon.


Reisinger  $52.80  for 2 gallons

ZayCon      $65.90  for 2 gallons

Besides, 5 gallon jugs are easier to handle than gallon pails and local honey is more beneficial for you than “foreign”  honey :).

Make it a great one!

ZayCon vs. Reisinger Raw Honey

I noticed that ZayCon is having a raw honey event at $65.90 for two gallons. Unless the prices at Reisinger Apiaries out in Emmett have changed drastically it looks like they have the better deal. They sell their honey by weight but it looks to me like you could fit two 5 lb. jugs in a gallon. They sell the 5 gallon jugs for $11.00, so $22 approximately for a gallon. Quite a bit better price even if it’s gone up in price or it takes more than 10 lbs. to make a gallon. Just thought you’d like to know.