PDF with all the Chicken Marinade Recipes

This should be helpful. You can just print it out and take it to the kitchen with you.

Chicken with Marinades for freezing

They’re all good & easy–some just have more ingredients than others.

I suggest chopping a couple onions, juicing a lime or two, zesting and juicing a few lemons, peeling the garlic cloves for all the recipes, etc. Basically, doing as much prepping as you can before you actually start. It’s funner that way too. It makes you feel like you have a sous-chef even if it’s you. Children also make good sous-chefs! 🙂

You could also label all the bags you will be using and have them ready before your hands are all messy.

Also you could put out several bowls, put a recipe by each one that contains similar ingredients, and combine the spices for each recipe in the bowls–just go down the line.

You could set up stations: spices/seasonings; chopped, zested, and juiced items with your garlic cloves either peeled or ready to be pressed; all the bags; the chicken; a space by your fridge to put your bowl when you need yogurt or other refrigerated ingredients.

All the best and leave a comment if you come up with some of your own time-saving, simplifying tips! Have a good one!

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    Oct 15, 2011 @ 09:42:55

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