Azure Standard order–Boise, ID

Sorry I got this out too late to order directly from the Boise warehouse, but you can still order on-line –see below

If you are creating a new account this is the information you need: Route A2   D12162

Dear Azure Standard Customer,

***Boise Warehouse will be taking orders Tuesday-Thursday, September 6-8, for the following:

  1. Pick up at the Meridian warehouse located at 2040 E. Fairview Ave #6 (directions attached) on Friday, September 16.


  1. Delivery to your area on Friday, Sept 16, or Saturday, Sept 17, depending on your Boise Warehouse route.

****PLEASE NOTE:  Because Monday, Sept 5, is the Labor Day holiday, the office will be closed; you may still email or fax over your order.

***An email order form is attached for your convenience.

***To order online, click on the link.  The deadline is Monday, Sept 12, at 4 PM.

***To see Azure’s fresh produce list, click on the link.

Fall cleaning?  Click on the links to see great products, some on sale until the end of October:


Charlie’s Soap:

Maid Naturally:

Thank you!

Marilyn Sullivan

Boise Warehouse


208-362-8061 fx

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